On February 19th, 2013 the body of 21 year old Elisa Lam was found floating in a water tank on top of Los Angeles infamous Cecil Hotel. To this day authorities are not sure how she got there or what the events were that led to her death. There are breadcrumbs spread all over the internet that reveal Elisa to be a complex woman who suffered profoundly, in her last hours CCTV captured a bizarre video of Elisa riding the elevator in the Cecil Hotel. This week WWBD tries to shed some light on the life and death of the woman who's last hours captured the minds of so many. Below we have linked the video of Elisa as well as her blog, tumblr, autopsy report and an extremely informative video explaining Elisa's brain chemistry and the medications she took. If you feel so inclined, please explore these additional sources and let us know what you think!

“You’re always haunted by the idea you’re wasting your life.” — Chuck Palahniuk 

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