Well fiends, we've made it to one whole year and you know what that means, it's time to cover Ted Bundy. This podcast came from a conversation Holly and Leslie had where they put themselves in the place of the victims of infamous crimes, namely those who died at the hands of Ted Bundy. It's so easy to say that when faced with a killer you would know better and get away, but the simple fact of the matter is that most of us wouldn't, and we would be dead. 

Ted Bundy was a real man, not a mythical monster and he killed real women not beautiful illustrations. This week we focus hard on that fact, and explore the danger in what we perceive to be "safe".

During his time Ted is said to have violently murdered over 28 women, we have all read his story and watched the documentaries, but we're going to try remove the sensationalism and expose the unfiltered picture of who Ted was, who he killed, and what happens when a predator knows exactly how to attract and exploit his prey. Strap in fiends, because we're navigating some perilous waters.

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