2020 was a lot, fiends. We know that you're all overwhelmed, and that this year has taken a lot out of you. Just because a number has ticked over on the calendar doesn't mean the stress has stopped either. Now that we have a vaccine for the dreaded COVID-19, a lot of us are wondering: Is it safe? Is it effective? What about our children?

Knowing who to trust when the internet is buzzing with the current of a thousand panicked butterflies can be very hard, but let us ease your mind. In this episode, we recap 2020 and have a few laughs before giving you two extremely informative and thorough interviews (begins at 34:27) with actual doctors that cover everything you want to know about the COVID-19 vaccine.

It is so important for you to give this one a listen, fiends. We promise it will put your mind at ease. Special thanks to our guests Dr. Stephen McBride and Dr. Lisa Di Enno, and to all of our fiends who sent in questions. Stay safe, everyone.


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Critical Updates on COVID-19


COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy Decision Aids

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