On November 2nd 2007 Amanda Knox went home to her Italian Villa to take a shower and pack her bags before leaving on a weekend getaway with her boyfriend, but something was off. When Amanda arrived home she noticed blood spots in the bathroom sink, blood on the bath mat and her roommates were nowhere to be found. Shortly after that, the police would discover that Amanda's roommate Meredith had been brutally murdered in their home.

In the series of events that followed, police would mistake Amanda's behavior as that of a guilty woman and send her down 4 year spiral of wrongful convictions, imprisonment and a scorching media character assassination that would change the way many of us view the legal system, and make many of us pause and think about which people in our lives we could actually trust. 

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Waiting to be Heard by Amanda Knox


Honor Bound by Raffaele Sollecito


Meredith by John Kercher




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