On November 19th 2011 Williamsburg West Virginia police got a series of disturbing 911 calls. There has been as terrible accident, and all that remained were a body in the middle of the road and a car idling against the guard rail 3/10 if a mile down the highway. Upon arrival authorities discovered the remains of 20 year old Jaleayah Davis, naked from the waist up, decapitated in the middle on interstate 77. Her bloodied jacket, shirt and bra were neatly hung on the guard rail, and her 2006 Silver Kia Optima was 3/10 of a mile away, idling in the shoulder of the road pressed against the guardrail, doors still locked, keys in the ignition.

When her family arrived on the scene they revealed that Jaleayah had been out with friends that night, and just moments before she was discovered, had made a series of disturbing phone calls to her sister, asking through tears to be picked up first from one location and then another. What Happened to Jaleayah Davis? Officially the Williamsburg police say she died in a single driver drunk driving accident, but there is so much more to this story. In this episode we discuss a truly senseless, tragic and mysterious death. We hope that some day the Davis family finds the answers they are looking for. PLEASE visit the Justice for Jaleayah Facebook page (link below) to learn more, and if you have any information about this case please message the facebook page immediately.


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