This week the girls dig into the chilling world of cursed objects. Holly exploits everyone's inexplainable (well kind of explainable) fear of creepy dolls with the tales of Annabelle, the doll that launched a thousand nightmares with her series of films, and Robert the Doll. Leslie dips into the weirder side of cursed object with the Dibbuk Box and the painting that haunted Ebay "The hands Resist Him".  This is a fun one, fiends; we hope you enjoy! Special guest appearance by Post Malone!  (Well, he's mentioned; the girls don't actually speak to him.) 


* WWBD regrets to inform you that Warren's Occult Museum is currently closed due to structural issues with the building, which would seem to be the price of doing business with roughly 200 demons. Owners of the estate are looking for a new building to house all of their cursed objects. We hope none of them escape in the intrim. Sleep tight fiends. 

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